ਫੁਕਰੇ| Fukrey, a Punjabi Slang.

By on December 11, 2016


ਫੁਕਰੇ|  Fukrey.

The word Fukrey is a Punjabi slang which implies a person who is boastful and shallow. It also implies a person who is good for nothing but shows himself as a great guy and capable of doing big things. The term Fukrey can be applied to both males and females though at times a female having above qualities may be termed as Fukri.  A Fukra (Male) and Fukri (Female) may wear fancy clothes, talk big and claim to have connections with high ups besides having cheap tastes. In Punjabi marriages you can see this variety  indulging in heavy drinking and are boisterous. These guys can be adjudged from a distance due to their cheap and rowdy behavior. These guys talk big and boast to get impossible things done especially after taking a few drinks. Stay away from these guys when they are drunk and carrying fire arms specially in a marriage functions as they tend to indulge in celebratory firing which may cause accidents. Bollywood had made a movie on this theme entitled ‘Fukrey” which was hilarious.

This slang has found acceptance in most of the countries besides India where Punjabi population is residing. A typical example of a Fukrey conversation during a get together,

” Prem Singh to Sher Singh (a typical Fukra).  “I am in a problem, my tenants are not vacating my house, they are very bad people.”

Sher Singh, ” Do not worry, tomorrow I shall talk to the Chief Minister and have him sent police to evict these guys.”

Prem Singh,  “ Do you know the Chief Minister ?”

Sher Singh, ” Oh yes, My father was his teacher, he often comes to our home, I also know the Director General of Police.”

Prem Singh, ” How do you know the Director General of Police?”

Sher Singh, ” His son is my best friend, last week we were caught by the traffic police for rash driving. His son rang up his father and the traffic police Inspector had to apologize for stopping us.”

Prem Singh, ” But I have heard that the Director General of Police is not even married.”

Sher Singh, ” You see, this boy Ramesh is his adopted son, but do not worry I have five friends who have guns and tomorrow we shall visit your tenant and throw him outside the house. Do not take any tension. Let us a have a drink first, can you take me to a nearest bar or a good restaurant. Remember I always have drinks in a five star joint.”

Prem Singh had to take this Fukra Sher Singh for drinks and he hoped that his job would be done by him the next day. He rings up the mobile number of Sher Singh the next day to check up on the result but finds that the number given by Sher Singh is invalid.

We should avoid  Fukreys at all costs!



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