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A Rough Note Book!

By on September 20, 2017

Ranjit was the eldest of three brothers and a sister. He was born in a village to a poor farmer and had to struggle for everything in life as nothing came easy to him. He had to walk to a nearby school at a distance of 10 miles and after his school attend to work in his father’s fields. He worked very hard and always got a good grade in his school. In his spare time, he would coach weak students of his class for a small fee with which he met his expenditure. He even guided his siblings in their studies. After graduating from school and college, he picked up the job of a college lecturer. He saved money for his own marriage as his father could not muster much amount. Even after his marriage he had to manage the affairs of his brothers and sister like their education, clothing’s and day to day expenses. Ranjit lived a very frugal life, seldom bought new clothes for him and her wife. He never indulged in any luxuries of life ( perhaps seized of his family responsibilities), in fact he lived a second hand life.
Slowly his brothers and sister attained good academic position and got good jobs. He had to chip in for their marriage also and whatever little savings he had went into their marriage. In fact he had to force his wife to remove her gold jewellery and give it to his brothers and sister during their marriage. She obliged very reluctantly. Due to his hard work and habit of savings he managed to buy a residential plot in a city and started building a house. Soon his father requested that he should keep share of one of his brothers in it as that guy did not have enough means and had no house. As usual Ranjit obliged though his wife objected. Anyway a house came up and became a joint property. Other brothers and sister of Ranjit did very well, built their own good houses and maintained a stylish lifestyle. Ranjit by now had his own children and he had to struggle very hard for their settlement. Anyway his kids realised his position and were content with what their dad could provide to them. They too worked hard and got very well settled in their life. Ranjit’s combined property with his brother posed many difficulties and quarrel arose between the families. Thus it had to be sold and sale proceeds shared between the brothers in equal proportion. Ranjit was once again without a house.
Anyway Ranjit moved to a far off place and bought another house with his share. Then came the marriage of his daughters and he managed with what he had, in fact he had to borrow money from relatives. By now his brothers and sisters had good houses and swanky cars, only Ranjit had a second hand car and was still struggling with settlement of his own family. As the time passed he sold his house which fetched him a good profit and thus the things got stabilised. He could clear all his loans with the profit from the house sale. Finally at the age of 65 he was able to buy a flat at a decent place with most of his responsibilities being over. His kids were well settled and happily married. Ranjit still believed in simple life and living a minimal lifestyle.
Once his brother asked him, ” Why do you wear simple and cheap clothes? You should be wearing branded clothes like us.” Ranjit got reminded of a quote, ” Rough Note book is the one which has responsibility of dealing with all subjects before each subject gets transferred to a decent looking well maintained Exercise book.”
He was indeed a ” Rough Note Book” of the family who was a responsible person and saw to it that all his family members got well settled, and in the process the life treated him very rough. Ranjit replied to his brother, ” I am the Rough Note book of the family.”

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