I am Gurcharan Aulakh ( Retired Major General from Indian Army). I was commissioned in Corps of Signals in 1971 and retired in May 2009. I saw active service including many operations in various parts of India. During my service, I had to interact with a diverse group of men coming from various part of the country with many languages and ethnic/ cultural background. It was a pleasure working with these men and at times challenging too. I dealt with Telecommunication support for the combat operations and thus had teams of high-tech personnel working with me. The men I had to deal with were highly educated, technology savvy who were very knowledgeable and thus did not fall under the category of normal combat troops , who do not question the orders. Hence a very different technique of motivation for these men was required. Besides leading from front , one had to have a superior technical knowledge and capability to explain to them the rationale of instructions and methods. Once I became adept at this technique, there were no issues and the teams (of whatever size) were more than willing to undertake any task and carry it out even without supervision. After retirement I did have a stint working in the corporate world in India and that was yet another challenge of adaptation from a highly disciplined work force to an unconventional one. I was therefore fortunate to see two type of professional organisations and learn many life lessons from it. I have had the opportunity to visit about 25 countries of the world and thus appreciate the various cultures and the world-view.

I am now fully retired and keep visiting  my daughter and son in USA . I have decided to pen my experiences through my blogs for the benefit of the Society. I currently live in  India ( Chandigarh).

My views are for a Peaceful world, Democracy, Secularism and Equality of all races. I feel that all religions lead to the true Lord and thus Peaceful coexistence, Harmony amongst the people regardless of their cast, creed or color are very important.

Thank you and Best Wishes,

Gurcharan Aulakh