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Achieving Peace and Happiness; Perspective from Sikh Scriptures!

By on November 30, 2017




Most of us are unhappy in the world; rich or poor each one has his share of worries. A very few people are at peace with themselves. The cause of physical and mental worries has been analysed by many saints and religious teachers. The basic cause appears to be  lack of contentment which leads to frustration. Besides there are various temptations and weaknesses which lead to disturbance. Sikh scriptures have listed many factors which are the root causes of unhappiness. While going through Gurbani, I chanced upon some pearls of wisdom and thus wish to pen down for the benefit of readers. (Excerpts from Page 1358 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS))


On Attachment.

” O emotional attachment, you are the unconquerable warrior on the battlefield of life. You demolish even the most powerful. Even the Gods, Mortals, birds and beasts are affected by you.”

On Anger.

” O anger, you are the major cause of conflict, compassion can never stand up to you. You take all including the corrupt and sinful beings in your power and make them dance like monkeys.”

On Illegitimate Sexual Desire (Lust).

” O sexual desire, you lead the humans to hell and make them wander in reincarnation of countless species. You cheat the consciousness and enter the three worlds. You are the enemy of meditation, penance and virtue. You give only shallow pleasure and make the humans weak and pervade the high and low.”

On Greed.

” O greed, you affect even the great men, attacking them with countless ways. You cause the humans to run around in circles, wavering unsteadily. You have no respect for friends, relations, mother or father. You make them do what they should not do.”

On Ego.

“O Egotism, you are the very symbol of sin and cause humans to birth and death (cycle of reincarnation). You lead them to forsake friends and spread illusions of Maya. You lead humans to wilderness of doubt and lead them to most incurable diseases.


Sikh scriptures further state that only way to control the above five vices is  to seek the sanctuary of the transcendent God the Lord of the Universe, Master of the breath of life and also by having association with the company of pure and holy men (Sadh Sangat).

To achieve peace and contentment, let us lead a simple life, have high thinking, have compassion and empathy and follow a righteous path while completing our journey on the planet earth.







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