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Art of Receiving.

By on July 18, 2018



We constantly receive from the Lord, His Universe…..His various Sources, yet we have not learnt the ‘Art of Receiving ‘ as we rarely thank Him for His Benedictions and often curse for what we do not have. Our scriptures clearly state this.

ਦੇਦਾ ਦੇ ਲੈਦੇ ਥੱਕ ਪਾਿਹ

देन्दा दे लेंदे थक पाह.

daydaa day laiday thak paahi.

The Great Giver keeps on giving, while those who receive grow weary of receiving.

ਜੁਗਾ ਜੁਗੰਤਿਰ ਖਾਹੀ ਖਾਿਹ

जुगा जुगांतर खाहि खाहे.

jugaa jugantar khaahee khaahi.

Throughout the ages, we consume.” ( SGGS Page2 ).

Similarly when someone helps us many of us do not have the courtesy to acknowledge it or even thank that person. In fact many people criticize their helper and find flaws with him/her. Most of us are not well versed with the ‘Art of Receiving.’ We really do not even know how to receive.

‘Art of Comparing’ is the biggest enemy of ‘ Art of Receiving ‘. Most of us are very adept at Art of Comparing. We start comparing ourselves with others especially who are more affluent than us, and that gives us cause for dissatisfaction and frustration. We grieve for what we do not possess rather than thank the Lord for what we possess. A person with a small house and a car starts comparing with a person having huge mansions and luxury cars. A person not possessing a car and a house start comparing with those who have it. Have you ever seen a person comparing himself with those who are less fortunate and do not possess anything. There are persons with physical deformities, Have we ever thanked Lord that we are in one piece and physically fit? So the Art of Comparison is indeed a Devil which inhibits our capacity to Receive energy from the Divine.

There is so much energy available in the Universe that if each one of us really knows how to receive it, there will be no shortage of it anywhere and we would be in a state of abundance and bliss. Many of us criticize others and try to draw out energy from that person, and that really does not help, because each one of us have a limited definitive energy and your energy gained will be at the expense of  other person. So let us learn to receive from the Cosmic sources like Sunlight, Plants, Nature, Water, Mountains etc as these Divine bodies have abundance of energy for all of us. Let us all receive energy from the Divine and thank Him profusely as that will further multiply our capacity to receive energy. Let us treat all human beings as equal and friends to us. Let us stop debasing others, in fact let us promote and uplift each other, as the famous Saint and Sikh Guru Nanak Dev said.

”ਨਾਨਕ  ਨਾਮ  ਚੜਦੀ ਕਲ਼ਾ .

ਤੇਰੇ ਭਾਣੈ ਸਰਬੱਤ ਦਾ ਭੱਲਾ .”

“नानक नाम चर्रदी कला,

तेरे भाने सरबत दाँ भला.”

“O Nanak the Glory of your Name be Forever.

and with Your Grace let all Prosper.”

( Guchi)


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