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Being Cool……. In Lighter Vein!

By on June 20, 2017


It is a very good quality to remain cool at all times and only a few of us can actually master this technique. However, my study of the present day generation (no offence meant…) made me think of some new definitions/connotations of being cool. We often hear youngsters saying, ” Chill it Man”. That is the fashion of the day and very much in vogue. Some of the facets of being cool appear to me as.

a. Implies “Could not care less ” attitude.

b. Smacks of “Hell with the world” or “I do not give a damn” syndrome.

c. While in possession of all digital connectivity and gadgets, communicate with only those who matter. Remaining inaccessible; Not taking of calls or returning text messages to most of people.

d. Irresponsible and immature behavior. Remain cold and indifferent to others until you get into some problem; at which point the attitude changes almost 180 degrees.

e. Being lazy, shabbily and uniquely attired and wear a conceited look.

f. Hardly speaks but when does, the language has plenty of slang and F….. words,

g. Likes to party, drink and smoke heavily and without any self control.

h. No respect for punctuality, time or commitment.

i.  Usually disorganized, living in a untidy place.

j. No empathy and consideration for others.

There may be some more traits of such “Cool” or “Chill out” guys which I do not remember; any deviation from normal living would qualify for such a title. Sometimes these cool guys manage to ride their luck but many get into trouble which at  times may cause them to change their behavior.

Such “Being Cool” / “Chill Out” syndrome is opposite of maturity, responsibility, commitment and dedication, however is endowed with carefree and happy go lucky attitude. I have been myself  advised to “be cool” by many as toll of being responsible and committed at times is rather heavy and worrisome. Wish I could also be like the present generation and “Be Cool”; May be not in this life as I might have to take another birth to get into this mode!



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