Do not be a Perfectionist. Just do it.

By on September 27, 2015

81CE2945-DCFE-443D-8DAD-EE17BD972270.pngDuring my Army service , I had observed that some of my colleagues who assumed themselves to be perfectionist were in fact procrastinating over almost everything. They would endlessly wait to undertake any job; hold meetings and brain storming sessions over a topic for days together and barely came up with a perfect solution. They detested the word ” Workable solution ” as it was felt that the end product must be Perfect. I have different views on the subject as I feel that ” Doing something quickly is better than doing nothing “. May be your results are only 60-70% of the expected outcome, but then the ball is already in motion and someone else would definitely improve upon it further. Being perfectionist at times kills the purpose itself.

Taking lessons from the History, we find that most of the inventors were not perfectionists. They just picked on an idea and worked towards it in small steps. Let us take the case of Air Travel, If Wright Brothers were perfectionists, the modern-day aircrafts like Boeing 787 and Airbus 380 would never be in existence. Wright Brothers started with a very humble effort; their air machine was made from a wooden structure with a simple piston engine. Their prototype machine went through many improvements as a result of hit and trial, and eventually their first working model flew only for a couple of yards and about a minute or so. Suppose these guys were of a perfectionist bent of mind, I do not think any air machine would have been attempted. Wright  Brothers humble effort proved a concept which led to gradual improvement and  consolidation by others and we all know about the finest air machines of today.

Thus I feel that best way of doing things are, “Just do something on your first impulse/thought”. It may be very crude or only half done but a beginning would have been made and others can subsequently build on that. Being perfectionist also tends to make you lazy, curb initiative, seek excuses not to undertake ventures and reject practical solutions. I would rather be half right and do something than be perfect and do nothing.



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