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Fighting Boredom!

By on August 11, 2017
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You get bored by a repetitive activity or by no activity. To avoid boredom one can indulge in bringing some novelty or change in your routine or set up. When I say set up I imply that your place, layout, environment, ambience and any factor which suggests a change. When I get bored I indulge in many of the following activities.

  1. Change of my walking route or timings gives me a feeling of something new and exciting.
  2. Change in sequence of my daily routine, like sleeping /getting up time, exercise time or any other time on which I have control. Obviously most of the guys cannot change their office timings, may be once a while request for working from home would be exciting.
  3. Create variety and imagination in managing your holidays. It is good to do something outdoor and adventurous activity on some weekends. Driving and visiting new places would definitely be thrilling rather than stereo type routine on a holiday like waking up late in the day and lazing around.
  4. When I get bored sleeping in the same bed room of the house, I change over to a guest bed room in my house and request my wife also to do the same. You get the feeling as if you are staying at hotel.
  5. Requesting your spouse to dress up in a funny attire, gives you the feeling that you are with someone unknown. You may also dress up differently at times.
  6. Changing your TV  viewing habit once a while. If you like only news channels, it is recommended that you do watch serial or films once a while, even watching cartoons would be fun.
  7. Eat a different type and variety of food once a while, it is fun.
  8. Try role reversal at home sometimes with your spouse. Indulge in activities which your spouse does and request her/him to undertake your tasks.
  9. Take a break from the digital activities for some time and get back to this activity after a gap. You would be thrilled to see the pending posts, these would look new and exciting to you.
  10. Visit a friend/relative whom you have not visited for a long time, it would be exciting both for him and you.

Aim is to create novelty or change in your life. It is rightly said that “Variety is the spice of life” and this dictum is very much applicable in creating excitement in our life. In short, change of activity, place, person or set up helps removing boredom.

Have a nice weekend!


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