Funny Indian Advertisements.

By on July 12, 2018

A Tailor specialising in Sex conversion ( probably he meant alteration of ladies and gents clothes).

Hell of a job opportunity, a peon/sweeper getting more pay than a lecturer.

Do not buy diamonds for your wife, instead hire her a Maid.

Where will you get such a guarantee in the world. (English translation of the Hindi ad by the Tutor  is “ If you do not find me 100 times better than your expectations, you can burn me alive on any Crossroads.”)

Advising not to blow horn but instead listen to FM radio.

An ad of Shirts, quite interesting.

One hell of a restaurant, eat at your peril.

A Multi-speciality Ayurvedic hospital in a tent. Treatment of all diseases guaranteed.

Pitfall of abbreviating the Name , the meaning could be entirely interesting . ( Anu Sharma……… ANUS ???). Who would like to join such Academy/ coaching center?

Probably what he meant is “Tested” and not “Tasted”; the context entirely changes.

A very normal happening in Indian toilets.

Life is more precious than Social Media.

In which direction is Kottayam? A very confusing road sign ( Perhaps there are three places with the same name……. an interesting coincidence).

Being vigorous is not good…… slow down. An actual road sign of Border Roads.

A Funny discount!

This caption is printed on US Dollars, only difference is that sequence of words is changed and it is printed on the back of an Indian Truck.

Have a hearty laugh.

Good Day.



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