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How Toilets were introduced into Indian Railway Trains!

By on October 14, 2017

One Mr Okhil Chandra Sen was travelling by train in 1909 in Bihar and near a Railway station called Ahmedpur had upset stomach and wanted to relieve himself. There were no toilets in Indian trains then. So when the train halted at Ahmedpur railway station, he got down from the train and with a water pot in his hand went to relieve himself in the open near the vicinity of the railway station. In the mean time the train started moving and Mr Okhil Chandra had to run behind the train with holding his dhoti ( lion cloth ) in one hand and the water pot in the other hand. In the process he fell tripped and fell down thus exposing his genitals to the public. In the process he missed his train.
So he made a complaint to the Divisional Railway Office Sahibgunj , Bihar (now Jharkhand state), regarding this episode. The letter in original is now on display at the Railway museum In New Delhi (India). It was also reproduced under the caption of “ Travellers Tales” in the Far Eastern Economic Review. The English of the letter is very funny and full of composition and grammatical mistakes. Nonetheless, toilets were added to the Indian trains immediately thereafter, thanks to Mr Okhil Chandra Sen. The copy of the letter is reproduced here


Enjoy reading the letter and thank Mr Okhil Chandra Sen.



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