Menace of the Messenger Writer!

By on February 7, 2019

Digital social connectivity is generally good but it has many irritating and non sensical manifestations. Addiction of Messenger is one such things. Many Face Book friends of mine indulge in Messenger writing to an extent which is not even funny. Despite repeated requests and polite pointers some of the Messanger writers go on without regard to other‘s convenience, disturbance and privacy. No sooner someone‘s Friend request is accepted, he/she goes on to messenger and behaves as if he is your lost brother of Kumbh mela who has been found after a long time. It starts with a wave, followed by greetings of the day; so far so good but at times it exceeds more than that and some even venture into your private space. Encouraged by customary response to greetings some go on to ask you rather intimate questions like one’s age, physique, eating habits, clothings etc. At time one gets fed up and stops responding to such Messenger writers. Some are very regular in wishing you time of the day be it Morning, Noon or Night. One tends to respond out of sheer courtesy but then it becomes too irritating to continue. If you fail to silence your smart devices Notifications, you are woken up from sleep during the Night with a loud “Ding Dong” only to find that the Messenger writer was wishing you a Good Night. Your remaining night gets screwed as you cannot go to sleep now and this Good Night turns to BD Night. Similar story is with the unwanted Good Morning posts which wake you up rather early in the morning ( say at 4.30 – 5 AM) and you curse as you had gone to sleep rather late at night. Some give you tinkle when you are in the bathroom. If you ignore such messenger at times they write very emotional posts and even write poetry hinting that you have been ignoring them. Some messenger writers keep sending you lucky posts and want these to be circulated to 20 more friends. All these acts irritate a gentle person who likes to reciprocate to occasional courtesy posts. Messenger writers expect you to be free and at their back and call ready to respond immediately as if the other person has no other job. I wonder if such Messenger writers have taken this as a full time job. At times the recipient may be driving, eating his meals , working or may be indulging in other intimate activities. Some Messenger writers appeal to you for liking their posts on Face Books and also ask for good comments, at times worded as per their desire and continue persisting till you yield.
Since many times my appeal to such guys have failed, I thought that let me pen my views on this topic. Please respect other’s privacy and be judicious in initiating chats on messenger else others could unfriend or block you. God save us from these Messenger addicts.


February 5, 2019


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