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By on June 30, 2015

Dear Readers,

I have been thinking of writing posts on positive thoughts which could bring peace of mind and life balance to all. In this humble venture, I set out to write some notes on various life lesson topics with references from scriptures, Gurbani and my own experience.  I wish and pray for your Peace, Prosperity and Good health.

Best Wishes

“My Random Thoughts.”


“We all wear Masks,
Sometimes to hide one’s True-Self from others,
Sometimes to cover our weaknesses,
At times to Identify with someone, one cannot be.
Many a times to gain confidence and self esteem.
Yes , we do wear Masks all the time!!
Sometimes, I get sick of wearing a Mask,
O Lord, give me courage to shed my mask,
And strength to be my Original-Self. ”

 ‘Power of the Lord’

A beautiful excerpt from Guru Granth Sahib explaining Power of the Lord.
A nice thought to start one’s day.
” If I were to study thousands of learned books,
And understand all their import;
If I were to write with an ocean of ink
And with the speed of the wind;
I would still be unable, O God,
To estimate Your value,
Or say how great is Your name!
(Page 15. Guru Granth Sahib)


Be good, be kind and be forgiving to others. Do not compare and compete
with others rather compete with yourself, improve your own performance.
Every man is unique endowed with special and specific qualities. Thank
Lord for what you have. Follow theses and you would get internal peace and bliss.

‘Essence of Life

Life is nothing but setting of Priorities, Adjustments, Reconciliation and Acceptance. Nothing is perfect but sum total of various effects on a person is still beautiful if one realizes. Empathy is the keystone of understanding, compassion is the food for soul, and simplicity and transparency are the graces of Personality. Let me forgive people who are unreasonable and appreciate those who spread a smile. Reminds me of a beautiful Hindi Song.
” Ghar se Masjid hai Bahut dur Chalo youn Kar Lein, Kisi Rote Hue Bache ko Hasaya jai”.
Implies. ” House of God is very far off and difficult to reach, Let us give smile to a crying child instead”.

‘My Daily Wishlist’

‘Some Benedictions & Affirmations for Today.’
1. It is a very fine day, and Lord’s sunshine is all around.
2. I shall try to remain cool whatever the situation may be.
3. I have everything that makes me happy and blissful.
4. I shall endeavor to help someone and bring smile to all around me.
5. I am good, rather very good, in fact the Best. Nothing can pull my confidence down.
6. I wish Lord’s blessings, prosperity and peace for all and malice towards none.
7. I have a wonderful family and friends.

‘Meditation Vs Money’

‘Money does matter for everyone to meet essential needs of one’s sustenance, although too much of it does lead to vices. This is equally applicable to worldly people
(materialistic minded) like us as well as to spiritually awakened persons. If you have
adequate money you earn respect of your friends, society and even distant and close relatives. With adequate money, you can even donate to charitable organizations and help the society. So it is ideal to possess adequate means to be able to sustain and carry on in the Society. Of course such dispensation must be earned by fair means, good planning and hard work. Wealth earned by hook or crook invariably leads to vices and disastrous results in the long run. So there has to be a balance between the Materialistic outlook and Spirituality. Even great saints have been affected by it. I recently listened to one shabad of Bhagat Kabir (who had very little means and lived a life of poverty though being very pious. The shabad runs like this.
” Bhukhe Bhagati Na Keejay
Yeh Mala Apni Leeje.
Madho Kaise Banne Tum Sange,
Aap na Devo, Levo Mange”
” Meditation cannot be done if stomach is empty,
please take you rosary (mala) back.
O lord what kind of companion are you?
you give not but demand from me”

Exactly matches with Maslow’s theory of Motivation (Need hierarchy) which states that
a man tends to attain higher needs like Spirituality and Self esteem only when his lower order hygienic needs are met.

‘A Poem sung by Hans Raj Hans depicting Art of Living’

ज़िंदगी दी है तो, जीने का हुनर भी देना,
पअव बक्शे हैं तो, तैफिके सफर भी देना,
ज़ुबान तूने ही बक्शी है, मैं तो गूँगा था,
अब जो मैं बोलूंगा, तो बातों में असर भी देना!
मेरे अन्धे ख्वाबों को, उसूलों का तराजू देदे,
मेरे मोला, मुझे जस्बात पे काबू देदे!
मुझे समुंदर भी बेहक मिलें, मैं ना लूँ,
और मेहनत का हर कतरा ही समुंदर है, जो तू देदे!

Thank you readers, shall be back soon.

Gurcharan Aulakh


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    Beautiful messages. More importantly so, great for people who wish to follow gurbani but can’t interpret The meaning.thank you so much for such profound wisdom

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