Humour Photography Positive Thought Series

On completing 66 years of life!

By on May 11, 2017



It is a fact that I am growing old,

and seen many colors some dull, some bold

I have accomplished many and missed some milestones,

Been loved and despised by many known and unknown.

Having seen many ups and downs, I feel I should be balanced now.

Thus should have maturity of thoughts and action.

Must keep myself in discipline in all aspects ,
What to drink and what to eat.

Must preach and practice purity and probity,
But well, This is becoming boring and monotonous.
As my soul still feels young,
And I wish to break free and let my hair down.
Wish to forget the concept of time,
And wish to sing and dance to the symphony of life.
Does not matter if others would brand me a clown!







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