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A Case Study, Purpose of My Life!

By on September 29, 2018

One day I requested my Face Book friends to answer the following question to analyse and explore an interesting insight. 

”What is the purpose of your Life?”

  I was to provide the first answer and thereafter the Respondents were requested to give their input based on what came to their mind at the first instance. The  study evoked a very good response and I am listing the proceedings as under:-

My Response.

“The purpose of my life is not to hurt anyone, help others to the extent possible and avoid controversies. I wish everybody well and pray to Lord for a peaceful life.”

Some of the responses of my Face Book friends.

“I am here in the world now. I have to live until my death.The purpose may change, because everything is Uncertain in this world. We do not know what happens the next moment. We call the Uncertainty the will of the God.”

“My purpose in life is to live peacefully. .give back to mother nature all that we have robbed her off..have peace and harmony in our lives.

“DHRAMA (Fair Play), AARTH (Realisation), KAAM (Action), MOKSH (Salvation) are the four pillars of my life which help me to attain the state of tranquility.”

“Purpose of my life is to enjoy life within my resourses and not to hurt anyone.”

“Purpose of my life is to be a kind person to everyone and serve for the betterment of people and also our country.”

“The purpose of our life is to do whatever gives me “Satisfaction” and is good for others also.”

“Spread light, peace and love. Touch lives by improving the condition of little children.”

“Purpose of my life is realisation of God through my personal and professional duties.”

“To do something for the sake of humanity and animal kingdom which would be unique, vital and everlasting.”

“ I came knowing nothing, spent each day learning until the very end. Therefore use your learning wisely. Good and evil both exist, choose carefully, and when you think you’ve learnt something valuable pass it down. Be always grateful for the life that you have been given.”

“We have all been sent to this earth with a purpose… be it the family we are born into, looking after the children born to us, looking after our aged parents, the profession we get into, the friends we make, … all this is predestined in our lives…. they are debts carried forward from our previous lives… if we accept this with the grace of God, and act positively, we have realised the purpose of our life.”

“Purpose of my life is to leave  behind a mark.”

“Try and accept things as it is and change things which you can for the betterment of humanity.”

“The only purpose for this body to exist is to make you aware of how beautiful you are and to live all the values you cherish and create a world of divinity in and around you.”

“Purpose of my life is to contribute for the betterment of the world in various roles as a family man, worker and citizen.”

Inference of the Case Study from the various responses.

“The response to the ibid question has revealed a very interesting insight. Almost all respondents showed positive traits. All wanted to be kind, considerate, fair & just , God fearing, honest, eager to learn, peaceful, grateful to Almighty, full of empathy, environment friendly, tolerant and many other qualities which make this world a beautiful place to live. Yet we see that in our day to day life there are many evil acts which are perpetrated by Humans; we also see that many persons are selfish, unjust, not fair, thankless, materialistic and so on so forth. The inference is that in each one of us both Good and Evil exist and it is the tapping or exploitation of one of the two sides which is important. When you appeal to a person’s goodness it comes out in abundance and makes a person behave in that particular fashion. Therefore let us shun evil media, propaganda, negativity and arousal of a person’s dark side. Thus it is the sublime duty of we seniors to show the light and motivate our younger generations to be Good and Positive. We would have achieved our purpose in life to make this world a better place.”


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