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By on November 24, 2017


Nothing to write about.

It has been a couple of days since I have written a blog. I have been trying to write something but no substantial material has surfaced. At times I thought of writing on ethical and moral issues but gave it up as many readers do not like to be reading ML ( Moral Lectures ) or Gyan ( Hindi equivalent for knowledge or such issues ).
I  have also pondered over  writing something humorous and mind you I do remember many incidents in life which are fairly hilarious, but then recounting these would be out of context for many, so I gave it up.

While surfing through the net a topic which caught my fancy was as to why people call others with Adjectives such as “Asshole, C..t, Prick” . In fact the slang word “Asshole” caught my attention the maximum and I start wondering about the various connotations and nuisances of this word. So I research various articles on the subject on the net and to my amusement I find that large amount of articles, blogs, papers have been written on this subject and I find it intriguing that a with the quantum of the material available and with little more curiosity one can undertake a PHD ( Doctorate of Philosophy) on the subject. The subject ranges from the Definition of Assholes to types, traits and hundreds of ways to deal with them. So since plenty has already been written on the subject by many distinguished personalities, I decide to drop this topic also.
I am also a bit of amateur nature photographer and when ever I find shortage of topics for my blog, I use my photographic material to fill in the void. So I take out my Nikon DSLR camera and start in search of some interesting objects like plants in my lawn, the adjoining sky scrappers, views of the surrounding areas from the top of my Tower. However, I get bored and find this activity boring and repetitive ( since I have taken such photographs in the vicinity of my house and nearly exhausted my options). If I drive up the hills towards Simla, I can find number of good natural landscapes to be shot, but who will take the trouble of driving all the way to these places; so I drop this idea also.
Yes I could have written about an incident which took place two nights ago. I was escorting a truck loaded with Marble for the construction activity on my daughter’s house. It was late in the evening, around about 10PM. I was guiding the truck leading by my car and at one freshly repaired stretch of the road while the car managed to cross, the truck got stuck in the fresh mud on the road. The entire night was wasted in getting the truck out from the muddy patch and it involved seeking help from my neighbours , finding tractors/ cranes to pull out the truck and other logistic issues for the crew of the truck like their food etc. My neighbour and friend Harbhajan was the only one who came out for my help. He ran around the town to wake up recovery vehicle driver Mr Rattan Lal who was dead drunk and fast asleep. Some initial attempts to pull out the truck were futile however the Spirited ( in every sense ) Rattan Lal showed a lot of grit. I did manage to click a snap for posterity with my smartphone that night ( excuse me for the poor quality) . I was able to test couple of my friends for their character qualities on that night as some did not even respond on their phone ( though they would be available in happier evening times to share a few drinks); Harbhajan is of course, made up of a different material and despite his persistent and irritating cough was standing with me through out the night. Thanks to him the operation was finally successful. Anyway I shall not dwell further as the topic would not interest many.

So the life goes on and I am still in search of an interesting topic to write. May be I shall soon find one.


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