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Simple Living and High Thinking!

By on January 11, 2018


What is there in a Brand?
Through out my life, I have always worn simple and non branded clothes. I have worn watches which were most common and inexpensive. In fact I have been criticized by many relatives on this account. To begin with in my life journey, I must admit that I did not have enough means to support branded Lifestyle; though that phase of life is now over but I have developed the habit of simple living and I care about ‘ Value for Money ‘. My thoughts on the subject are as under.
1. A car is a car, whether you spend about Rs 500000 or 5000000. More expensive and superior brand cars are nothing but of snob value. A small new Suzuki or Hyundai car is as good to travel as expensive Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes or Audi .
2. If your clothes are of a good quality cloth and decently stitched, there is no fun wearing branded clothes which are at least ten times more costly like Gucci, Lacoste etc.
3. Similarly eating out at expensive joints which burn a big hole in your pocket is hardly worthwhile compared to a decently cooked food by your wife at home served with love or occasionally eating out at inexpensive restaurants.
4. Why travel in the Business class which is at thrice the cost of economy class as the purpose is to reach your destination?
5. Acquiring a big house just to be appreciated by your relatives and spending a fortune thereafter is hardly wise. Besides your relatives getting jealous of you, you are bound to get into huge debt. A decent budget residence ( like a neat and clean flat or small apartment ) within one’s means is much better for peace of mind.
6. Spending a fortune on functions and ceremonies is not good. Decent budget functions and parties with personalised touch are far better than the lavish ones.
Aim is to lead a simple life with creative hobbies. Budgeting your expenditure with the income that you earn and habit of regular savings pays rich dividend in life. One should develop the habit of remaining debt free. With savings from above, one could also indulge in affordable charities for the poor and needy. This would give you a great satisfaction. Remember the best things of life are mostly free like exercise, laughter, love, compassion, meditation etc.
Reminds me a couplet from a Bollywood Hindi song.
“ थोड़ा है, थोड़े की ज़रूरत है,
यह ज़िन्दगी
रत है?
“We have little
at is what is required,
And the Life is


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