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Small things matter in Nation Building

By on September 24, 2015

I have often read posts of many people who criticize and condemn policies of the government. Such skeptics do not offer any solutions but merely recount problems. I feel that I as an individual can do various small things which can ultimately lead to a better society and nation. After all charity begins at home. Small things matter very much in Nation building. I as an Indian can definitely do the following where I do not have to ask any one or take great effort.

A. I can pay my taxes truthfully and in time. Submit Income Tax return as soon as it is due. (In India only 3% of the population submit IT returns, I am sure that many more are eligible).

B. I can keep my surroundings clean, this would help ward off epidemics such as Dengu and swine flu.

C. I can save much expenditure by not burning fire crackers on religious functions thus affecting savings as well keeping environment clean.

D. I can voluntarily give up my cooking gas subsidy, the amount saved would go a long way in development works.

E. I can cut off pomp and show on various functions, and savings could be donated to the organisations developing education or health.

F. I can suggest to maids and servants to adopt family planning methods to limit population and  also admit their children in school. If possible bear basic expenditure of the primary education of one child.

G.  I can take pledge not to temper with electricity/ water meters and pay my bills truthfully.

H.  I can guide and advise at least one young person per month on how to clear competitive examinations and get employment.

I.  I can follow traffic rules and observe speed limits, accidents would be reduced.

J.  I can pledge not to use loud speakers during family functions.

K.  I can switch off the lights and fans of the vacant rooms, also use low-wattage lights. Get my leaking taps repaired. Energy and water saved can be used by farmers and industry.

L.  I can donate my used clothes and other items for the needy and poor.

In a country like India which has a huge population, each one of us have a social responsibility to think and act for the growth of the country. It is rightly said that “Do not ask, what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country.”


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