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Thoughts lead to Creation!

By on January 17, 2016

Thoughts are the prerequisite to any creation. Once you think about creating some object, only then the desired object gets created. God thought about creating this universe and our beautiful world and it came into existence . This fact is stated in all the religions. Quoting from Sikh scriptures a similar sentiment is echoed. ” Hukmi Hovan Akar”, means that all the physical forms or structures are the result of God’s Thought/Command. Similarly when a person is thinking about making any object be it materialistic (Like House, Professional progress etc) or spiritual (like service to the humanity) it is first conceived as a thought in our mind. Positive thoughts bring positive results where as negative thoughts produce negative results. One may think of the desired objects in his/her mind but may not have means or may not know how to achieve these, but if one is determined he/she would definitely find the way forward. In fact once you think about something with intensity and passion, the entire universe gears up to help you out to achieve it.

As a humble effort I have just put down the sequence of a thought turning into a reality in a Flow chart. Have a good week end. God Bless!


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