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What is on my mind?

By on August 31, 2015

Face Book keeps asking you, ” What is on your mind?”

I think, it is a very complex question and extremely difficult if not impossible to answer. Blessed are those who exactly know as to “What is on their mind?” Speaking for self, I often get confused on the subject; at best I put down my stray and random thoughts on the FB posts which I feel are far away from what is on my mind. Whether my posts are genuinely aimed at improvement of self and society, or it is another form of ” Need for Recognition” by others, I really do not know.

The phenomenon reminds me of a concept of Feedback and Disclosure taught in Management studies known as Johari Window model, diagrammatically depicted as under:-


Since, Arena/ open is known to others and me also, I am sure my FB posts are not aimed at these. May be I am wearing different masks at different times ( Facade, unknown to others but known to me) and trying to get noticed. May be I am sincerely seeking other’s feedback so that I overcome my blind spots ( known to others but not known to me). If that is the case, I require genuine feedback and not bunch of sycophants who would always click ‘like’ whatever I post. However, the biggest challenge remains in the area of “Unknown” where I need to discover myself but others cannot help me.

I really do not know ” What is on my mind?” and every time I open FB, this is the first question that naughty boy keeps asking me!



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