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15 Years of Regular Walking.

By on April 29, 2018


People walk for various reasons and some walk without any reason ( like Tom Hanks in movie “Forest Gump” walked and ran from coast to coast without any particular reason). Since I joined Army at the tender age of 16 ( pre commissioning training at NDA, Khadagwasla, India) I have been walking and running as part of Military routine till about 50 years of age, when I got to senior position and the walking reduced considerably. However I compensated it by playing golf.

A health issue in 2003, when I was in 53 rd year of age forced me to walk again on regular basis and that routine has been continuous since then. I developed Angina Pectoris ( Heart Pain ) in Sep 2003 and might have got into further problems but then I tried to cure myself by diet control and physical exercise like yoga and brisk walking. I had to take some medicine to begin with but gradually I became better and withdrew from heart medicines. Since then I have been regularly walking every day. My routine starts with a morning walk of about 5 Kms and through the day I am on my feet and walk on a slightest pretext. I go for local shopping entirely by walking. My wife has a forgetful nature and she keeps remembering items which are required to be bought during various times of the day. I do not get irritated by such frequent indenting of items, in fact I thank her to give me an opportunity to walk. I take these many trips to the local shop walking. By the time I retire for the night, I would have walked 15 Kms a day. In 2015 my son gifted me with a Fitbit watch which keeps account of your physical parameters like walk, pulse, calories etc. Recently my daughter gifted me with a more refined watch called Apple Watch which does many other calculations of your physical parameters. As per Fitbit, in last three years I have walked around 15000 Kms. By this estimate, since 2003 I would have walked around 75000 Kms. I try not to skip my walk, come Sun or rain. During rainy season I walk with an umbrella. Except for some emergency situations and extreme weather, I have not skipped my walk. 

During my morning walk, I am usually accompanied by my wife, who indulges in small talks to which I am a very patience listener. Other times I walk alone and generally communicate with myself. I introspect and chalk out future plans during such walks. I am also on the look out for some interesting photo compositions and keep my smartphone ready for such occasions. Such impromptu photographs later become part of my blog/ FB posts.

When I go to play golf, I play alone and do a brisk walk between the shots. Here also I get good compositions and take snaps. Morning walk gives me one day insurance of health and sound sleep during the night. During the last 9 months, I walked around 20 Kms a day, kind courtesy my daughter whose house I was constructing in India. The construction staff would keep me on the move to buy construction material three to four times a day. I had to walk to the nearby market at least 3-4 times a day to identify good quality items and place order.

In whatever locality I have stayed in the last 15 years, many people know me by my walk. At times they strike conversation and offer salutations too. When I visit my son and daughter abroad ( USA ) I walk there too.

Sometimes the walking circuit and route becomes boring and monotonous and at that point I change the route or direction to bring in some novelty. Sometimes  I discover new walking routes and the whole exercise is very fascinating.

My desire and wish is to keep on walking as long as I can. In fact I wish to walk away from this Planet someday. A static life or tied to the chair or bed is a very horrible thought even to think.

I pray to the Lord to grant all of us a potential/ stamina to walk. Let their be flow and sunshine in every person’s life.

Wish to end the blog with a excerpt from a famous Bollywood Song.

“ जीवन चलने का नाम, चलते रहो सुबह और शाम “

“ Life implies, A continuous Walk, be it Morning or Evening.”

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