Some More Random Thoughts

My Daily Prayer

 Let Lord Almighty bestow on each one of us his benediction in the following facets of life:-
A. Health.
B. Professional Progress.
C. Social Grace.
D. Sense of Righteousness and Propriety.
E. Consideration towards fellow humans.
F. Nobility of thought and action.
G. Humanity and Empathy.
H. Personal and Intellectual Integrity.
I. Patience and Maturity.
J. Desire to Work Hard, Dedication and Service Oriented Approach.

Best Vs Worst 

” Best things in life are free, Things which ruin you are very costly!
Surprised, Let me explain.
Best Things”
1. Walking, keeps you fit and cheerful and does not cost anything.
2. Smile and laughter, Remedy for many ailments, You can do it as many times as you wish , absolutely free.
3. Feeling contented, does not cost you a dime.
4. Love, empathy and helping others.
5. Meditation and introspection.
6. Nature, fresh air, gazing moon and stars, bird watching, fragrance of flowers, smile of a child etc. All are free.
“Worst Things”
1. Showing off, you require expensive clothes, jewelry and gadgets.
2. Intoxication, Drinking, Smoking and Drugs, costly and damage your body and soul.
3. Expensive cars, houses and mobiles, there is no end to upgrades.
4.  Wealth, acquiring it more than your requirement is highly unsatisfying
leading to mental agony and physical disease. You are always worried about you investment.
5. Unwarranted competition with others. Expensive and harmful.
What would you choose?

Purpose and Essence of Life

I recently happened to see one old Hollywood movie (1946 vintage) “It’s a wonderful life”. I recommend my friends to see this movie. It gives a very powerful message that each one of us is very special and unique and we are here on this planet earth for a specific role. Each person’s life impacts the others who come in contact with him. Thus we should celebrate every day of our life and be grateful to The Lord for every moment.
To understand about Essence of Life, One may read selected stories of Leo Tolstoy, like ‘How much land does a man need’, ‘Were love is God is’ and ‘What men live by’. These stories teach you the philosophy and essence of life. ‘What men live by” throws out the following three questions.
It is important to learn the following.
‘ What dwells in a man?’
‘ What is not given to a man?’
‘ What men live by?’
The answers which this story brings out are:  ‘What dwells in a man’; Love dwells in a Man and the one who recognizes it recognizes the God!  ‘What is not given to a man’; the story points out that no man is given the knowledge of his time or what will become of him. And finally answer to ‘What men live by’ are the acts of love and benevolence toward other fellow human beings as a noble call from the True Light which resides in each one of us. Everything else is false.


Good Discipline is like a foundation of any organization and hallmark of success of any person. . Discipline implies control of one’s physical and mental facilities and remaining within the confines of laid down drills and standards. It implies commitment, following time lines, conditioning of the mind and soul, following Society’s norms and giving respect.
Even nature has perfect discipline. Every planetary body orbits about the other specified planetary body in a fixed time period and in a fixed orbit. Just think of the chaos if they were to deviate even for a few minutes and few degrees and the system would collapse.
In Army Discipline is the only thing which guarantees success. Following of laid down drills, punctuality, meticulous obeying of orders and total commitment to a cause ensures victory.
For Corporate, Discipline in every aspect of their functioning is utmost essential, else organizations would fail.
For Society, Discipline encompasses following the social norms, drawing a line between right and wrong, probity, propriety, respect to seniors and elders, empathy, punctuality, financial prudence, transparency, dedication, balanced life style and regulations of habits to remain in Accepted Societal Orbit.
In short, whatever walk of life you may belong to, there is no success without Discipline.


Many of us have a very misplaced concept and perception of beauty. Beauty is not physical appearance alone but a package deal. It is a complete persona of a person. It is a combination of factors such as noble thoughts, humanitarian approach, empathy, moral courage, steadfastness, simplicity yet elegance, grace, knowledge, humility, maturity and a balanced disposition. Physical beauty withers away with time, beauty of the mind and soul stays forever.”


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