Random thought of the Day

Be a person who has the virtue to forgive and forget the inappropriate behaviour of others. Someone who has a sense of equanimity, takes life as it comes. Neither gets unduly perturbed over issues small or big , nor gets excited over momentary gains. A soul who gets moved by seeing others in adversity and yearns to help. A balanced disposition who does not feel jealous of others success or worldly possessions. Always eager to help out the needy, forever thanks the Lord for his benedictions. Seeks continuous improvements in himself. Courteous and pleasant in his communications takes care not to offend others in any way by his speech, gestures or body language. Someone who is childlike and feels extremely happy with small joys of nature. A person with limited personal needs, intellectually enlightened with love towards one and all and malice towards none. A peaceful and contented soul whose face radiates with grace of Lord’s light. O God, let me be such a personality.



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