Hello world!

A marvelous view point.


My name is Rajni Singh. I am a special educator and a spiritual healer. I have come across some extremely simple but massively overlooked truths about life, which when simply seen in the correct perspective have the capacity to turnaround any human being’s life a whooping 360 degrees.

This is my humble attempt to put across the facts that worked so brilliantly for me and can work for any and everyone and turn life from looking like an ordeal into a bed of roses.

O.k, so going forward with this: here’s the first one coming up; and this comes from a space of personal experience 🙂

anything and everything is just a wish away; like they say, just a click away 🙂

Seems weird eh? especially after having suffered for almost more than two thirds of one’s life, now here is this silly someone trying to tell us that all…

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