A Gentle Person

A Gentle Person

A gentle person takes care not to hurt other’s feelings by his/her talk, action or body language. Ensures that his/her display of knowledge does not create feeling of inferiority complex in others. A ever smiling personality who is polite, cultured, calm and ever willing to extend his/her hand for those in need. Does not boast of his/her achievements or flaunts  worldly possessions and takes life in the stride .A good listener and motivator whose company provides comfort to others. Chooses his/her words carefully while dealing with difficult , impatient and impulsive people. A picture of grace who handles difficult situations well and avoids confronting fools. Has child like innocence who can smile and laugh even in an adverse condition. A connoisseur of fine taste who appreciates beautiful things of the nature. A person who does not exploit others and will not touch things which do not belong to him/her. A person who has mastered the technique of controlling greed, anger, jealousy and lust. A person worthy of his/her word, who considers fulfilment of a promise more than his/her life. An honourable person who is detached from worldly possessions while living in domestic environments and considers Self as a temporary custodian of the material things as God’s Amanat. ( things kept in safe custody ). Earns his/her livelihood by hard work and ethical means; donates part of earnings as charity for the good of the Society. Remains upright, just and fair in his/her profession. A good family member who fulfils his/her responsibilities/obligations in correct perspective and keeps unity in his/her family. Always in quest of knowledge, never claims himself/herself as a ‘Learned One’ and remains humble. Respects elders, is friendly with colleagues and loves younger. Can sit in the company of any variety of people with equal comfort be it ordinary persons, fools or intellectuals. Always remembers the God and thanks Him for his benedictions.

O Lord grant me the wisdom to become such a Gentle person. These persons on completion of their life journey are always rewarded in the Court of the Lord as Guru Nanak has aptly described in a verse ( Sikh Scripture, Shri Guru Granth Sahib ( SGGS) Page 8).
” Jinee Naam  Dhiyaya, Gaay Maskat  Ghaal.
Nanak tay Mukh Ujlay Keti Chhutee  Naal”
” All those who have meditated the Name of God and worked hard through out their life; On completion of their life journey, their faces are radiant in Lord’s court and many others ( who were influenced by them ) are also saved along with them.”



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