Staying Organised

Staying Organised

I have seen many disorganised people and their disorganised style of functioning and I could say that they were in a total mess. I have seen such people literally fumbling and confused if they were to find anything in their home. I have seen guys miss out on their various payments like house mortgage instalments, insurances, card payments etc and suffer unnecessary embarrassment and financial penalties . I have also seen some very organised and meticulous people, whose transactions are effortless and smooth and they are the epitome of efficiency. Thus the choice is between constant confusion and irritation or cool efficiency. I was myself a very disorganised person once upon a time but had to learn the hard way over time.
In fact it does not take much effort to get yourself organised. May be the initial action of a day and thereafter half an hour a day would suffice. I list out some of the aspects where you can start ( if not already doing so) in succeeding paragraphs.
Do not depend on your memory and note down the following data either in a diary or on your smart phone/iPad. Better still is to duplicate it.
A. Important milestone dates of your relatives, friends and colleagues like Date of birth, Marriage anniversary   etc. It is rather embarrassing to miss out greeting your near and dear one on their important days.
B. Passwords of various accounts and entities like:
1. Net Banking, Debit & Credit cards.
2. Email and social media accounts.
3. Job sites if created.
4. Travel sites for booking Air, train, bus , cabs, car rentals etc.
5. Insurance policies like life, health, car, house etc. Dates of insurance renewals
and system of reminders.
Note down details of your important documents like passport, visa, driving license, property papers etc. Make a photocopy and digital scan. Do note down the date of renewal of these and system of reminder. Keep these documents in safe custody in your house and jot down that location in your diary lest you forget it.
Note down your telephone contacts in a diary so that should you loose your mobile phone, these would come handy.
Keep your important keys like house, car etc on a key shelf. Always keep duplicate of these keys at some other place in your house.
Organise your household stuff in such a way that every item has a specified place.
Buy suitable storage equipment to various items and duly label these for easy search.
Organise storage of medicines in proper medicine chests/containers with clearly marked labels outside the reach of children.
Keep the warranty cards of all the major equipment installed in the house in a good folder with index and their bills of purchase. This would facilitate repairs.
Make inventory of all the Household items and docket it either in digital or hard copy stock registers. Review the inventory periodically to get rid of the clutter, i,e old and inessential items. Dispose these off as you consider fir or donate to the poor.
Make note of Telephone/Mobile numbers of all emergency services and back it up. Ensure these are easily available to your family members should the need arise.
Keep a note book ready to write down when a particular grocery is about to run out so that at the end of a week you know what to buy. Sometimes we tend to buy unnecessary items and miss out on the essential ones.
Always keep a standby to essential items like reading glasses, contact lens etc so that loss of it does not affect your functioning. You may keep an extra pair both at office and in your car.
Make monthly, quarterly and yearly budget to list your projected expenditure versus income ( outflow vs inflow) and keep monitoring. Apply a mid course correction if required. Must save a fixed amount every month. Remember money saved is money earned.
I have penned down above thoughts from my own experience and I am sure that these common points would be of use to the readers.


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