Of Songs and Gazals

Practical view of Life.

Some of the old Bollywood Hindi songs touched on  various aspects of life. Not only these songs were melodious, but also carried very deep meaning. One such song sung by late Mohammad Rafi runs as under.
” Na main Bhagwan hoon, na main Shaitaan hoon,
Duniya Jo chaahe samjhe main to Insaan hoon”
‘ I am neither God nor Devil, whatever the world may perceive, I am only a human being’
” Mujh mein bhalaaii bhii, mujh mein buraaii bhi,
Lakhon hain maiil dil mein thodi safaaii bhii,
Thoda sa nek hoon, thoda baeiiman hoon,
Duniyaa jo…”
‘ I have some goodness, but I do have ill will also,
I have many evil thoughts , yet have some purity,
I am slightly pious and slightly cunning
I am only a human being.’
“Jeevan ka geet hai sur mein na tal mein,
Ulajhi hai saari duniya roti ke jaal mein,
kaisa andher hai, main bhi Hairaan hoon
Duniyaa jo…”
‘ Song of life has neither lyrics nor symphony,
The entire world is entangled in making both ends meet,
What chaos  is this, I am perplexed,
Whatever the world may say, I am only a human being’.

This is absolutely a practical view of life where none can claim to be a perfect man or a monk.

His Presence.

Today evening while sipping my beer, I am reminded of a beautiful gazal sung by Gulam Ali which reads as under.
” Hangama hai Kyun Barpa, Thodi see Jo pee lee Hai,
Daka to nahi dala , Chori to nahi kih hai,”
‘ Why there is so much fuss that I have consumed some liquor,
I have neither committed burglary nor theft’
The above is of course quite normal, but what he says further touches my heart which reads as under.
” Har Zarra chamkata hai anware Illahi say,
Har sans yeh kahti hai ki, hum hein to Khuda bhi hai.”
‘ Every particle shines with the light of Divine,
Every breath that we take, tells us that if we are alive, only then we can feel the presence of God’
How true is this? We feel and enjoy nature, affection and beauty only when we feel alive. As dead one’s cannot feel anything. Though most of are living, but we are far from being alive and only truly alive person can feel the divine.

 A real Yogi.

 For any human being it is extremely difficult to be faithful, and dedicated to his family and oneself. There are numerous wayside temptations where we can go astray for each one of us has his weaker moments. It is with sheer discipline, steadfastness and self-control that one can prevent one’s mind from frivolous attractions. Such a person is a real Yogi. Once one has mastered this practice, he remains in a state of bliss. Like Saint Nanak said ” Man Jeetai Jag Jeet.” “ਮਨ ਜੀਤੈ ਜਗਜੀਤ”  implying that one who conquers himself, conquers the World.

Original and Good.

And now to end on a lighter note,

A teacher to a student. “Your essay is both original and good.

But the part which is good is not original and the part which is original is not good”.



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