Facebook : A Boon or Evil!

On Facebook. 

When Mark Elliot Zuckerberg explored the idea of setting up a social network from the dormitory of Harvard University along with couple of his friends, he would not have realised the kind of ‘Giant’ that he was going to create. To begin with he created a web page and placed pictures of some of his school colleagues, both boys and girls and goaded his friends to rate them on the index of being ‘Hot’. By Feb 2004 he had transformed his idea into an infant model of ‘ The Facebook’ which has grown into a tremendous entity and is still going strong. There are about one and half billion Facebook subscribers today across the globe and their number is growing exponentially. Besides reaping a rich financial benefit from the venture, Zuckerberg has managed to create a global community through his network. Some of the positives of this all-encompassing network are.

A global real-time affordable connectivity which links people who can exchange
their thoughts, views and life events with others at no cost.

A media and mean of expressing sentiments and at times act as a pressure cooker
type of release mechanism for emotional outbursts.

It caters to the inner desire of everyone to be appreciated. Makes people to feel

Helps in formation of like-minded informal groups. Also helps in tracing and
discovering old associations.

Mobilising popular awareness and support over pertinent societal issues.

Assists in commercial activities.

However, on the flip side there are quite a few ill effects too, like,

Need Dependency from Facebook friends and frustration if your desired
expectations are not met by them, which results in disappointment and low self-esteem.

Unwanted sense of competition amongst the members of a group at times leading
to a new kind of warfare, called Facebook war. Getting more number of likes
has become a very vital statistics and thus has added another source of worry to
many other existing pressure pointers of the modern age.

Information overload on the timeline and separating ” Wheat from the Chaff”
becomes a real challenge. Unwarrented tagging by some members is a perpetual
source of nuisance.

Exploitation of simple and gullible people by vested interests, resulting in
consequences, like subversion and undesirable activities.

Facebook initiated romance and love affair at times has led to catastrophic results
like suicides and murders.

Facebook addiction is worse than any drug addiction which leads to
wastage of time and affects efficiency at work place. Increase in global digital
connectivity has a corresponding effect in reduction of physical connectivity at

Reminds me an excerpt from a Gazal,

” Mana ki tera hussan dilkash hai, O dilruba,
Jamane mein aur gum bhi hein mohabbat  ke Siva.”

Implies, ” I agree that your beauty is so splendid, the adorable one,
But there are other problems in life besides love.” Here in this case for Love/Dilruba
read “Facebook.”



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