Slow and steady wins the race; have Patience

Slow and steady wins the race, have Patience.

While doing my daily exercises in the gym, I usually listen to some music through the earphones to overcome fatigue. Today, I happened to listen to a very interesting Hindi song from film “Rab ne bana di Jodi”. I am sure most of you would be aware of this song. I found a very powerful message in the lyrics which run as under.

“ हौले हौले से हवा लगती है , हौले हौले से दवा लगती है ,

हौले हौले से दुआ लगती है .

हौले हौले से चन्दा बढ़ता है , हौले हौले से घूँघट उठता है,

तू सबर तो कर मेरे यार , जरा साँस तो ले दिलदार ,

चल फिकर नू गोली मार यार , है दिन जिन्दगी के चार ,

हौले हौले हो हो जाए गा प्यार झलिया, हौले हौले ………….”

Translated in English, the meanings are,

“ The wind blows in a gentle way, a medicine cures slowly.

Prayers and blessings produce results after a little while, Moon gradually changes its shape from new to full moon.

A shy bride unveils herself slowly, O friend have Patience and relax.

Keep worries aside as our stay in this world is very short.

Slowly and gradually you would fall in love ( achieve your aim)”

So true. Most of us desire quick results and have no patience. I for one was also quite impetuous in my younger days. We forget that it takes long time and sustained effort to achieve results. We all know that

“Rome was not built in a day”, yet we long for immediate results. Such expectations give rise to impatience and anger. We often come across advertisement offering “getting rich overnight” schemes which are fraught with tremendous risks and people have lost their fortunes in these. Also getting rich overnight attitude gives impetus to wrong and corrupt practices and people indulging in these often come to grief.  There is a famous Indian proverb, “सहिज पक्के सो मीठा होए”. Literal translation implies ‘Anything which is cooked slowly tastes delicious’. In practical life it implies that results of sustained and patience effort produces good and lasting results.  Do not give up as one may not get results in the beginning or there might be challenges. Keep on putting concerted efforts and continue consolidation overtime with patience. With patience and perseverance one would always find a way. The end results are bound to be good.

Even our scriptures talk about virtues of patience. Sheikh Farid a sufi saint whose verses find mention in Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) says.

“Patience is a great virtue. O man when you sustain it grows into a great river rather than breaking off into a tiny stream.” (SGGS, Page 1384).



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