Gur Paras Hum Loh, A divine Verse

A very enchanting verse from Gurbani, ” Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS Page 1114),
written by Guru Ram Dass Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru; the content of the verse are a pure bliss and explain the virtue of Human being’s association with the Supreme Lord. The essence of the hymn is as under.

” Gur Paras Hum Loh, Mil Kanchan Hoya Ram”

” The Lord is the Philosopher’s touchstone “Paras” ( it is believed that when this metal touches iron, it transforms iron into Gold) and we mortals are like iron, the Guru’s touch makes us into pure Gold.”

I would now like to share a link of YouTube in which this hymn has been so beautifully sung that It would move your soul. Your heart will be filled with peace and your day will be made.


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