Short Stories – Sunday’s Titbits


Short Stories with a Message

Do I have it in Me?

A lady got widowed the third time; people went to her home to offer condolences. They found her standing in front of a mirror, perhaps she was thinking, “Do I have the strength to marry the fourth time?”

Why do people keep Dogs?

Yesterday he got divorced. Five years back he had met a girl and a dog. They dated, fell in love, got married, had honeymoon, settled down, got stale, argued, fought, went to a court and it was all over. Today he returned from his office, dejected, lonely and as he entered his home the dog received him affectionately, got into his lap, kissed him all over and then quietly sat next to him.

Being secular 

The thief was caught stealing from the house of a Hindu. During trial, the judged commented, “I see from your record that earlier you had committed theft from the house of a Christian, Sikh and a Muslim.” The thief replied, “Sir I believe in secularism.”

A Trick up my Sleeve

A lion started learning the ways of life from a cat. On a particular day, he attacked the cat only. The cat ran and climbed the nearest tree. Lion said to the cat, ” Aunt, this is unfair, you never taught me how to climb the tree.?”

The last one, the Sucker.

Jack asked John, “How can you borrow money, keep it with you through out your life and  still have credibility?”. John replied, ” Very simple, Borrow money from someone for a year, Before the end of the year borrow from someone else and pay the first borrower. Continue throughout your life with this procedure, when you die the last creditor can never claim the money.”

Have a nice Sunday!



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