Ways to Un-Friend someone on FaceBook

Making friends on Face Book is a difficult process, you would have to send a friend’s request. The concerned person may or may not accept your request straightway. He might see your profile and interests before taking the plunge, or for that matter of fact, he might put you on hold for couple of days before finally accepting or rejecting it. If he is your relative he might not like you to know his intimate details and hence may find hesitation in accepting the request. The success rate of making friends generally averages out to about 40% or so.
However to un-friend someone is a very simple affair. All you need to do is to block him. But this is a very crude method and might affect your relations with that person adversely as no one likes the feeling of being rejected. In any case one should not burn the bridge completely as you never know when you might require to deal with that person in future. Then what are the safe method of un-friending a person whom you do not wish on your friend’s list? Safest is to irritate or provoke that person so that he blocks you. How to achieve this without tears? Following are some of the methods with examples.
A. Wait for your particular friend to make a controversial comment on FB and then start a comment war and this would ultimately lead the other party to block you. Following conversation would prove my point.
AB, ” I think Mr ………… ( some great political leader) was Gay.”
Answer from you to that comment ( let us say you are CD )
CD, ” You should be ashamed of talking like this about such a great man, ”

AB, ” Every one has the freedom to express, besides being gay is a personal choice.
I think you are offending me.”
Give another befitting reply,
CD, ” Keep your sick views to yourself, you are not equal to his foot even.”
Sure enough you would be blocked.
B. How so ever good may be his post, never ever like it. In fact write a nasty remark on it. Try it for about a week, He would surely block you. Say some one has posted his picture showing him having drinks and good meal. A suggested comment would be.

” Great people discuss ideas, mediocre ones events and small minds think of only eating and drinking.”
C. Tag a person on all kind of shitty stuff many times a day. It would take that friend not more than a week to block you. After all patience has a limit.

D. Invite a person twenty times a day to play with him games like Candy crush or Farm Heros Saga. It would very effective if you do this during his office hours on a working day.
I am sure there would be many more ways to irritate a person and force him to un-friend you. I would be too happy to increase my knowledge on the subject.



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