Enjoying as it is, why work for it?

Most of us have been taught to work hard as results would lead to more success which further gets you more money, material possessions, status etc; these being pointers towards an enriched life. However high status and top work positions have their own fall outs like increased work pressure, tension, added responsibility and accountability.
Thus some people believe in another school of thought which says, if one is happy with small means then why take the trouble to sweat more! After all the purpose of life is to remain happy and enjoy your time on this planet earth, and if one is happy with small or very little means so be it. Reminds me of a story which would support this thought.
On a bright sunny day, a middle-aged person from India was lying on the bank of a village pond with an improvised fishing tackle, he appeared to be fishing. A curious bystander was watching his actions and found that this guy was in no hurry to catch the fish. His line had gone tight as some fish appeared to have bitten the bait, but still this lazy fellow was not making any effort to pull the line out. So the bystander walked up to him and talked to this guy, the conversation which took place between two of them runs as under:-
The Bystander. ” Mr Fisherman why don’t you pull the cord, it appears a fish is there.”
The Fisherman, ” What would happen if I pull the line and catch the fish?”
The Bystander. ” You can then try catching some more fish and by the evening would have many of them and these can be sold for a good price in the market.”
The Fisherman. ” Then what?”
The Bystander. ” You can then purchase a fishing net and your catch would multiply manifold . Perhaps then you could earn more money which you can invest in a fishing boat.”
The Fisher man. ” Then what next?”
The Bystander. ” You could go out to sea and improve your catch. From the increased earnings you could buy another fishing boat and hire some guy to run the second one.”
Then Fisher man. ” What is the point?”
The Bystander. ” You can then have a fleet of boats, employ more men, catch much more fish and even export it. In fact you can create your own Company. With the increased earnings you could diversify your business to many more areas. You could have your own car, house, fancy clothes and many servants.”
The Fisher man. ” Then what?”
Bystander. ” You would have so many means that you would really Enjoy your life.”
The Fisher man. ” What do you think, I am doing now, I am Enjoying life only. Why should I take all the additional trouble to get the same result?”
The bystander had no answer and walked away.



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