Fear- Go Away

We live constantly in fear; which stems from insecurity, phobias, complexes and host of other factors. There is fear of failure for those struggling at the threshold of their profession. For successful people there is fear of maintaining or bettering their level. Fear grips all sections of the society alike, young, middle-aged and old. For successful old aged people there is fear that their progeny may fail in their life either professionally or socially. “What if this happens.?” is a constant question that most of us keep asking from ourselves. Fear leads to worries, anxiety and ill-health. Most of us keep thinking of the worst and dark clouds of uncertainty surround us all the time. In short we create an act in our mind without realising that the universe rises to fulfil our projected scenarios. Most of the unpleasant things happen in life due to our own manifestations and visualisation of the script chartered out. In nut shell we are ourselves responsible for our miseries.
We seem to have lost faith in our Creator who caters for the need of not only all humans but also animals, insects, organic and inorganic life. Quoting from Sikh scriptures it is said that the Lord even looks after those living things which remain buried under rocks and snow. Let us take the case of Siberian cranes who leave their young ones in snow-covered rocks and fly away thousands of miles during winters. Excerpts from Gurbani clearly substantiate these findings.
” Why O mind, do you plot and plan when the Lord himself provides for your care.
In rocks and stone he has created living beings; He places their nourishment before them.
For each and every person, our Lord and Master provides sustenance, Why are you so afraid, O Mind.
The flamingoes fly thousands of miles (being migratory birds) leaving their young
ones behind. Who feeds them and who teaches them to feed themselves? Have
you ever thought of this in your mind?”
Unquote (Page 10 of Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) )
Since we lack trust in our destiny most of us indulge in Compensatory behaviour both in our professional as well as social arena ; therefore tend to undercut and out-manoeuvre fellow human beings just out of fear and to consolidate our own position. This becomes root cause of conflicts, unpleasantness and bitterness.
Let me resolve today to have explicit faith in the Almighty and stop being afraid. In any case we cannot change our destiny and thus we can continue to perform our Karma to the best of our ability and prudence.
Let me not worry about the future and enjoy each day of the present. Today is a beautiful day and I am sure that each coming day will be even more beautiful. I see no reason to doubt the benedictions of the Lord and thus command the Fear to vanish. Reminds me a beautiful song of Doris Day, ” Whatever Will be, Will be (Que Sera, Sera). I am tempted to give you the link to this beautiful and meaningful song ( Courtesy YouTube). Enjoy and have a good day!


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