Some Short Stories.

A Lazy Man.

Many years ago when there was no electricity in Indian villages, people used to light lamps/candles. One winter night when husband and wife were nicely tucked in their quilts and were quite cosy, wife requested the husband to get up and extinguish the lamp so that they could go to sleep. Husband was too lazy to get up and instead made a wish loudly, ” Oh God please show some miracle and blow the lamp off, If you do that, I shall visit your temple in Delhi.” As the luck would have it, a strong gush of air came through the window and blew the lamp off. The wife was ecstatic and exclaimed with joy, ” Now we would visit Delhi to go to temple.” The husband retorted, ” Just go to sleep, if I cannot get up from the bed to blow the candle , you think I am going to take all the trouble of visiting the temple at Delhi.”

I am not Me.

A drunk guy was at his friend’s  place and fell down in the bathroom. In the process, his clothes got wet and his friend took out a shirt and trouser from his cupboard and changed the drunk man’s clothes. The drunk being in high state hardly noticed that his clothes had been changed. During the night he left his friend’s house to go to his own house. As he was walking on the road he fell down and thereafter went to sleep in the middle of the road. After some time, a Lorry was passing on that road. The driver saw a man lying in the middle of the road, so he honked to caution him to get up and leave the road. The drunk looked at his shirt and trouser and found that these were not his ( he forgot that his clothes were changed by his friend). Seeing no action from the man, the lorry driver again blew his horn. The drunk shouted back, ” No worries, you can pass your truck over, It is somebody else and not me.”

I am also your age, but slightly unwell.

A baby elephant and a kid rat were walking together. The kid rat asked the baby elephant, “What is your age.” The baby elephant said,” I am six month’s old.” The kid rat said, ” I am also of the same age, but I am slightly weak since I have been having common cold of late.”


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