Sahib Nazar Rakhna, साहिब नजर रखना | (O Lord, Keep your eye on us)

Being an Indian and having traveled to quite a few countries, I watch with concern the inequalities in human beings and the exploitation of one segment of mankind by the other. I am also equally appalled by the falling standards of morality with greed and selfishness in abundance; a race to get to the top by means fair or foul and making others as stepping stone to success. I watch on TV various episodes where greed of wealth and good life has led to most heinous crimes like murder. I see falling levels of relationship within the families. I am shocked at the religious fundamentalists who in the name of religion kill thousands of fellow human beings as if the Lord Almighty only belongs to their clan. I also feel sad on the attitude of some professionals whose priority is more on making money rather than service to the mankind.

We perhaps forget that the Almighty Lord does not represent a particular variety of Species, He is an unfathomable Abstract with a system of decentralized  powers of divinity and has endowed each one of us with his Light. A light which resides in all and is capable of telling us what is right and what is wrong; we only need to listen to it. We often ignore His warnings and suppress our inner voice; go ahead with whatever suits us. We try to justify our acts by citing examples of other people behaving in a similar manner thus blackening the Light within us and blocking it’s transmissions.

I therefore, pray to Almighty to grant us his benediction to see his Light more clearly so that we appreciate the things in their proper perspective. Reminds me of a very meaningful Hindi song from a Bollywood movie (Bhoothnath Returns) which runs as under:-

“ साहिब  नज़र रखना , मौला नज़र रखना, तेरा करम सभ को मिले, सबकी फिकर रखना |”

(“Sahib nazar rakhna, Maula nazar rakhna, Tera Karm sabko mile, sabki fikar rakhna.”)


“O God, Keep your eye on each one of us, Let your Light shine in all, keep everybody’s welfare in mind.”

The song then goes on to describe the various aspects which require correction. The lyrics in Roman Hindi run like these;

“ Naa Aadmi ki aadmi jhele gulamiyan, Naa aadmi se aadmi mange salaamiyan.”

( Let there be no subjugation and exploitation of Humans of any kind and let no one bow to the other.)

“Jo farak paida ho rahe who farak gark ho, sabko barabar baant ye dharti ye aasmaan.”

(Let there be no difference between the Humans, let all the resources of the planet be available to all.)

“Koi bhi na ho dard mein, sabki khabar rakhna”

(Let none suffer in pain, look after each one of us)

The song further talks of dignity and freedom of speech of human beings:-

“Sab sar utha ke chal sake, sabko yeh bal mile, Koi kisi awaaz ko, data kuchal na de”

(Let all move with their heads high and have freedom of speech)

“Yahan kaam bhi sabko mile, aaraam bhi sabko, Mehnat kare jo aadmi, mehnat ka phal mile”

(Let all get the opportunity to work and rest and let all be rewarded for their hard work)

“Har bol pe har baat pe, apna asar rakhna.  Sahib nazar rakna, Maula nazar rakhna.”

(Let  your influence be on what we speak and how we conduct ourselves. O lord Keep your eye on us!)

The God prayer exactly states the need for keeping our Divine Lamp clean so that we appreciate things in the correct order and ward off the urge of being greedy, selfish, unscrupulous and remodel our conduct towards the theme of Universal Goodness, “Sarbat da Bhala” (ਸਰਬਤ ਦਾ ਭਲਾ ) “Wellness of All”.



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