India Calling, Bye NY.

Tomorrow, I leave for India, I have been here in New Rochelle NY for about four months, Kind courtesy my daughter and son-in-law. We had the opportunity to visit Florida ( Orlando ) where we had fun at Disneyland. It was a dream cum true place and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. In between we went for long drives to upstate New York, Delaware water gap and Cleveland Ohio. We also took a bus ride from New York to Virginia which happened to pass through Washington DC. Despite the hustle and bustle, New York is a very vibrant city. Sincerely admitting, I shall definitely miss the following.
A. Our daily morning walk up to Davenport park and sitting on the rock stones along the ocean side.
B. Playing with our grandson Angad at Library ground and his visit to Chinese’s shop for toys.
D. Taking a plunge bath at the swimming pool with Angad for hours together since he would not come out of water.
C. Aerobics at the Gym Hall on the top floor of Halstead building. Listening to music while doing treadmill and taking a glimpse of Manhattan skyline from there. Got most of my ideas for writing blogs while exercising.
D. Greetings of the fellow travellers while entering the lift and “Have a Good Day”wish while departing.
E. Daily wait for Jodie to return from office and Angad from School.
F. Buzzing of fire alarm sensors while cooking Pranthas (Indian Bread) in the apartment.

G. Weekend drive with Jodie and Monty to Sam Club and Indian store for shopping.
H. Weekend evening drive to Times Square and eating out. Interesting characters at Times Square during night like Body painted girls, Spider-Man, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and crowd in general.
I. Flavour, Smell and smoke of Meat, Chicken and Fish being grilled at weekend picnic spots. Sight of beautiful people, fitness freaks, foodies and some obese persons.
J. Mexican vegetable and grocery shop on the Main Road.
K. Many beautiful parks and picnic sights  where I could try my hand at photo shoots with my newly acquired DSLR camera.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful time. Thank you Jodie, Monty and Angad. I am now eagerly awaiting to join my nest and folks back home (India) with its wonderful ambience which despite being Noisy, Dusty, Crowded and Smelly is still very attractive as it belongs to me and I have a distinct Identity. My next blog would be after a while on reaching India.


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