Face Book Friends.

Definition of a Friend is ” A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” Some define a friend as someone who gives assistance and shares one’s happiness and grief. It is rightly said that ” A friend in need is a friend indeed”. However on Face Book we find that terminology of a friend has diverse meanings. I shall classify Face Book friends as under.

A. Sycophant Friends. These would like your every comment regardless of its merit.

B.  Hostile Friends. These would always oppose your comments what ever be the merit in it.

C. Fair weather Friends. They would surface once a while only when their interest is involved.

D.  Irritating Friends.  They would tag you in most irrelevant and unwanted posts. For example on your birth day they would tag you with a photo depicting a soldier’s funeral.

E.  Quid Pro Quo Friends.  These would like your post only when you like their posts.

F.  Philosopher Friends.  On your one liner simple post such friends will fill pages with their comments.

G.  Photo Competition Friends. If you post two photographs, these would post twenty photographs just to show you who is superior.

H.  Dooms Day Friends. Whenever you post bright and optimistic ideas, these have only ‘End of the World’ and ‘Nothing is Right’ type of comments.

I.  Emotional अत्याचार (tormenting) Friends. These would write emotional posts to make you feel low and force you to react.

J.  Show Off Friends. These would post pictures of their big houses, cars and expensive possessions with a view to make other feel inferior.

There would be many more categories of Face Book friends that I would not have observed. I would love to know if you can find out. Now you can analyse as to what type of Face Book friends do you have in your spare time.



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