Of Passwords: Humor

In this digital age, one has to remember many password. Passwords are required for a large number of net activity like, correspondence, professional, financials, social network etc, and it becomes a difficult task to remember these. Passwords are also required to be changed periodically and new passwords have stipulation of being non repeat and combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Devising a new passport is a very boring and monotonous affair. Therefore I decided to put some fun into it. I shall narrate as to how I made this activity very interesting. Some examples.

A. Making password based on people I do not like. Say I detest and loathe person  called Ramesh for any reason and I was to cull out a password combination of letters at least one capital, numbers and special characters having more than 8 characters I have the following choices. (Shall write a sentence and pick the first letter of each word).

1. Ramesh is a perfect asshole at 45 years of age. Password would be.    Riapa@45yoa

2. Ramesh is the biggest clown on earth in 2015 at Chandigarh. Password would be. ritbcoei2015@C

B. Making password based on persons you love. Say I love my grandsons very much. The password making would be.

1. Angad is 5 years old goes to school at NY. Password.  Ai5yogts@ny

2. Jai and Veer famous characters of Sholay are now my Grandsons at 43 Gurgaon. Password. Javfcosanmg@43g

c. Based on useful activity of life, like Exercise, hobbies etc. Some examples are :

1. I go for walk daily in Mohali at 65.  Password would be. Igfwdim@65

2. I like to shoot good photos with my camera D7 at Park. Password would be iltsgpwcD7@p

d. Based on some philosophical thoughts. Examples,

  1. You cannot earn dollars without hard work of 12 Hours   Password would be yce$whwo12h
  2. A bird in hand is better than two at bush. Password would be.    Abihibt2@b

The above are some examples of making passwords. I do not have any one of the above  passwords now, so please do not try to hack my accounts, it would be useless.

Have a Good Day.



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