Kindness versus Ingratitude and Deceit.

There is a story of a very kind saint, who lived in a desert many years ago and always helped the passer-byes. One day a man lost his way in the desert and was thirsty and hungry. He was wandering here and there and saw a tent with a light in the desert. He reached that tent and found a saint living in it. The saint had all the necessities of life, like food and water stored in his tent. He also had some herbs and medicines. He had his camel tied to a nearby shrub.

Watching a helpless and destitute stranger the saint offered him water and food. He also made him comfortable and offered him to take shelter in his tent for the night so that next day he cold be fresh and proceed to his destination. The saint and this man chatted for sometime and later both went to sleep. This man happened to be a thief and thought of stealing the saint’s camel. So in the middle of the night when the saint was asleep he quietly got up and untied the camel from the shrub, mounted it and rode off. In the meantime the saint woke up and saw that the stranger was missing. He came out of his tent and found that the stranger was moving away on his camel. The saint ran towards the person and shouted.

” O Good man, If you require my Camel, please take it, no worries; but never ever tell anyone or brag about it that you stole from a person who helped you. If you do so, none would have faith even on good people and very few would be willing to help a person in distress.”

Even today this lesson is equally applicable. I have seen many people who take advantage of good Samaritans and simple people, are ungrateful to them for their acts of kindness  and even cheat them; thereafter on top of it brag about such acts to others describing themselves as super smarts. Such guys are a real menace to the society and damage the principle of faith and belief to an extent that people shudder to help even the destitute who may be otherwise genuine.



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