Life in Army versus Civil, A Reflection.

I recall a day almost a year and half back when I decided to fully retire. Actually this blog should have been written at that time, but I developed the hobby of writing later on. I had worked in the Indian army for 38 years and thereafter in Corporate for 5 years (after a gap of one year from retirement , so-called cooling off period). These five years of re-employment in the Corporate  made me literally sick and I started questioning the purpose of life. So one day I finally chucked off my well-paying job and decided to become a retired General.

When one looks back at the life spent in Defense services versus post retirement Corporate employment, I find that the former almost matched Life style of Rich and Famous. There are facilities like Golf clubs, adventure activities, sailing, swimming , micro light flying and so on. These five-star facilities are at a reasonable rate plus the company of disciplined and socially graceful crowd. Compared to this the post retirement civil employment leaves one with stress, work pressure, office politics, race for targets, subjugation, indignity merely for some additional money. Thus after five years of this kind of ordeal, I said enough is enough and let me live life. So I picked up my Golf set, wore Golf cap with two stars and called my driver ( a retired ex serviceman employed by me) and went to local Army Golf course. I revisited Army life after a gap of five years, played nine holes of Golf. It was a sheer bliss with no tension of work, pure retired life, company of good men and conversation of their daring deeds.
I felt like a General again; It was as if my old days had returned. Life in Defence services is great for serving as well as retired. No other organisation can match Services. When I now look back, I wonder why I choose post retirement service in the corporate, though I earned some more money but at what cost, I lost my originality , my identity and my freedom for good five years. I now feel that being fully retired, I am no body’s slave and can contribute to the society in small but significant steps. I can write blogs and express myself and let my words be heard by somebody. I can devote full-time to my kith and kin and friends. it is true that my financial means are meager now but I can always cut my coat as per my cloth; advantage is that I am a free bird.  My situation reminded me of a wonderful Hindi song from film Guide.
” Aaj fir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai,”

“आज फिर जीने कि तम्मना है ”
Means ” Today, once again, I have desire to Live and enjoy my life.”


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