Golf, Photography and Morning delight just for Ten Rupees (15 Cents).


Today morning, I went to ATS Golf Meadows Course at 07 AM. It is a 9 hole newly crafted Golf course at Derabassi near Chandigarh (India). At the reception, I enquired about the green fee to be paid. I was told that for those staying in ATS apartments ( I recently purchased a flat and shifted there) it was free for the next three months. What a great feeling, since there are generally no free lunches in this world. It was a wonderful course and I shot three holes at par and remaining holes at one over. In fact, I missed a birdie!

The morning was neither too hot nor too cold, it was just about pleasant being end Oct . A refreshing game with beautiful trees and plants spreading fragrance in the air compelled me to take some photographs; luckily I had my IPhone with me and it did give good results though an aim and shoot affair. At the end of the game, I went to the course cafe ( made in a make shift shed ) and had a refreshing cup of dip dip tea, which cost me just 10 Indian Rupees ( 15 cents ). On the course I met many people and had a good introductory talk with them; I even exchanged my cell phone number with these potential friends. The staff at the Golf club was very courteous and paid me compliments ( I had worn my old two star golf cap of Army days ).

I compared it with a game of 9 hole golf game played just two months back in USA where I ended up paying 130 USD ( Indian Rupees 10000 ). No wonder, India has been rated as the most affordable country in the world.

God be praised for such benedictions, My day was made.



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