Fell Sick; Due to Digital Disconnection!

People fall sick due to number of reasons viz, Weather Change, Infection, bad food etc, but I fell sick due to digital disconnection. I have shifted to a new area, where the data connectivity is not stable and last two days, I could not access internet ( especially Facebook ) as the data server could not be reached due to some technical fault. I felt cut off from the world and thus remained depressed. Even my wife could not cheer me up. I was itching to see new posts from my relatives and friends but there was total black out. I then tried obtaining data connection from other service providers but that would also take two days due to verification formalities. I could not write my blog and the month of Oct was fast coming to an end. I was worried about the target look ups or hits on my site as statistics would be adversely affected. One feels so good when others like the post on Facebook or blog site. I was in a state of irritation as if some part of mine had gone missing. In fact my blood pressure had gone up though I was undertaking regular physical exercises and keeping my eating habits in good disciplines. I even forgot to take my meals regularly.Ten years ago I was not like this; I fact I did not know much about internet and had not joined Facebook. I was a happy go lucky type of a person who would entertain others with his lucid talk. Today my major entertainment is internet and especially Facebook. My wife had been telling me to buy some groceries but my priority was to get the internet back, so I ignored her requests. We were to attend a marriage in our family after two days and she wanted to go for lot of shopping and hair do. I had no time as I was busy making calls to customer service of data providers and running after some more service providers for new data connections as standby to my connection. There was a lot of tension in the family due to my neglect. In fact my wife advised me to go and see some Doctor to get rid of my sort of depression.
Thank God, I have got the data connection revived today and also bought two more data schemes. The battle has been finally won. I definitely feel cheerful and bright now. I am also writing a blog now. My blood pressure is absolutely normal now and there is no trace of any sickness in me. I have promised my wife that tomorrow I shall attend to her all needs and take her out for shopping. Thank God the Digital virus has been finally subdued.


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