A Happy Diwali, Wishes and Prayers.

Diwali (Deepawali) is a festival of light and is celebrated in India by various communities with excitement. People spend a lot on lighting, fireworks and festivities, however we ignore the essence of true spirit behind the festival. Diwali symbolises triumph of Good over Evil. Thus our wishes and prayer should be aimed towards this theme. I wish a very happy Diwali to all including my friends and relatives with the following prayer.

  1. Let us light up our house, our neighbourhood, our society and our country with noble deeds, purity of thought and action.
  2. Let me pray for happiness, prosperity and good health for all.
  3. Let us all clean our mind and soul of Impurities, corruption and ill will .
  4. Let us help those who are in need and help spread smile and laughter all around.
  5. Let there be amity and understanding amongst all regardless of our ethnic and religious variations.
  6. Let us not burn fire crackers and pollute the environment.
  7. Let us light up our house with earthen lamps which would provide livelihood to potters.
  8. Let us keep our functions simple and austere without pomp and show.
  9. Let us not indulge in heavy drinking and gambling on such festivals.
  10. Let Lord Almighty spread his light all across the globe for peace and well-being of all.



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