What is there in a Name?

Some names sound funny where as meaning of some names is very funny and at times one forms an entirely different perception of a person after hearing his name but on meeting him the reality may be entirely the opposite. I had been in the Army for a long time and came across some very unusual names during my service.
In one of the Regiment we had an officer by the name of ” FWC Lung”. He was known as Major Lung and was from Northeast part of India. He was a happy go lucky type person. Once curiosity took better of me and I found out as to what the initials of his name stood and I was literally amused to know the answer. FWC stood for Fair Weather Cock ( a rather embarrassing one ). There was a soldier with the name of JB Sister. He was a Naik (Corporal). His full name was John Baby Sister, ( a feminine name though he was highly masculine).
When I was commanding a Regiment, I had one Officer, Major Bhu Dev Singh ( English translation of his name would be Giant of the Earth). Though miniature in size, he sounded like a giant and whenever he answered the telephone, he literally thundered in his baritone and echoed his name as Bhoooooo……. Dev. Anyone on the other side of the telephone line would definitely get intimidated and perhaps imagine that the person speaking would be a big bull. However when he personally met Bhu Dev, he would be totally surprised to see his miniature size of 5 ft 2 in.

Then I had this driver of mine whose name was quite funny, Annar Singh (Pomegranate Singh). My kids simply laughed hearing his name. Similarly, I had one Sahayak (orderly ) whose name was ” Jadung”. Every time we called out his name my son would burst out laughing and say, ” What type of this name is Jadung? ”

In North India some parents keep their son’s name after the Military rank like, Major Singh, Karnail (Colonel ) Singh, Jarnail ( General ) Singh etc. When some of these join the Army, their actual rank which prefixes the name may be much lower in status and thus sounds funny, like Havildar ( Seargent ) Major Singh. Even if some was to reach the same rank by chance, the pronunciation of his rank and name together would still cause humor like “Major Major Singh”.

Names of some places are also very funny. In Southern part of India, the village names are very long, some consisting of close to 26 alphabets though the size of such a village might be very small having just about three to four huts. At times one tends to mispronounce such names which leads to a humorous situation. Once as a Logistics staff officer, I was giving move plan briefing in an exercise (somewhere in South India) to my senior who was himself a South Indian. I happened to mispronounce a village name as TeriMeriKundi where as the the name was TeriMeriKandi . My senior burst out laughing and told me, ” Kundi in Tamil means Ass. You know what have you spoken” ( Teri means Yours, Meri means Mine and Kundi means Ass ) and the village mispronounced name meant ” Yours and Mine Ass. ”


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