Lost and Found my IPhone.

Other day when I returned from my morning walk, I realised that I had misplaced my iPhone. I usually carry it with me while going for a morning walk. Perhaps, I forgot to carry it that day and it could be still lying somewhere in the house. So I adopted a familiar technique to find it by giving a ring from another mobile number, as the tone would be heard if the IPhone was available anywhere in the house. I went from room to room searching for it but there was no sound of ring tone. Obviously I had carried the phone with me during my morning walk and it had been lost on the way.
This phone is very special to me as I use it extensively. My daughter had helped me in selecting and procuring this IPhone while I was with her in USA, so it had a sentimental value too. I have stored my contacts, their email and home addresses in it and I also depend heavily on my Iphone for Facebook, emails etc, in short it is my friendly companion ( other being my wife, who at times is not so friendly) . I just panicked, what would I do if I loose this phone, it would be a big effort to create data all over again.
I asked my wife who accompanies me for the morning walk, if she remembers me having taken out the IPhone from my jacket pocket for use during our walking circuit. She did not remember anything.
I started thinking of the ramifications of the lost phone and actions required to be taken by me. I would have to lodge a First Information Report (FIR, complaint) with the police and the Service Provider giving details of the technical parameters like IMEI of the phone so that It could be traced by the service provider if someone else was using the instrument even with a new SIM card. I realised that I had not even noted down its IMEI number. After the police complaint, I shall have to approach the service provider and request for closing of my post paid number followed by a request of new number. For all this I would have to run around and my whole day would be wasted. On that day my driver was also on leave, so to drive the car in city’s mad rush with people having no traffic sense would also be a problem. I was literally worried. So I decided to walk back on the morning walk route to trace my phone. Lucky for me, the ring was still going while calling  from another number and it was possible that no one had found it as yet.
I wore the same jacket with a slant waist pocket and carried another mobile in it. On the way, I stopped at the grocery shop from where I had purchased morning groceries on my return route of the walk. I asked him if by mistake I had taken out my phone and kept it on his shop’s counter. The shopkeeper replied in the negative and I had realised that I had dropped the IPhone somewhere else. My walk circuit is about 3 Kms one way and passes through road having construction labourer’s colony on one side. If I had dropped the IPhone on this stretch, It could be found by any one of them. So I thought that I would put a poster stating an award of INRs 2000 to anyone who finds and returns my phone. Usually this is the amount any guy who sells it to mobile shops, though the original cost of the phone is around Rs 30000.00
Having travelled along the road for about 2 Kms, I did not meet with success and at this stage I wanted to give it up. At this point, I felt like pissing ( slight old age coupled with a winter morning and a weak bladder) and found bushes at some distance from the road. There are no toilets along the road in my area, so perforce one has to relieve himself in the open using natural cover. As I did this my jacket got pushed up due to opening up the trouser’s zipper and the other mobile phone fell from the slant pocket of the jacket on the ground. After relieving my self , I picked up this mobile from the ground and it gave me an idea that I could have dropped my IPhone in the similar way while urinating ( which I remembered now ) on my earlier trip during the morning walk. I also got a vague idea of the area where I had eased my self up. It was about a Kilo-meter ahead. I ran to that area and started searching in the bushes as I had forgotten the exact place of pissing. I wish I had a phone tracer and located system with me, which can take you within a feet of the instrument. Now I had to carry out a physical inspection of the bush area which was about 300 square yards trying to find wet piss spot (which were many in that area due to usage by locals) where I possibly could have urinated. Coupled with this I also started making call from the other mobile carried by me to IPhone number and utilising my auditory senses which fortunately are still good even at the age of 65, carried on the search. After about 15 minutes of such an exercise, I heard the ring tone near a bush and I found my IPhone lying face down on the ground. I picked it up immediately and almost danced with joy and could have even cried out, ” Eureka, Eureka ( found it)”.
My IPhone was missing for about two hours and thank God no person came near that bush to relieve himself otherwise it would have gone and then the story would have been entirely different. I did not tell my daughter living in NY (USA) about it who would now learn it through this blog ( hopefully she reads it).


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