What if All were Good!

Lord Krishna once asked Yudhisthira and Duryodhana to go and find Good and Bad people in the world and let him know. After a couple of days when these two met Krishna their respective replies were diametrically opposite; Yudhisthira claimed that there were all Good men in the World and he could not find any bad person, while Duryodhana perceived everyone as Bad and none to be Good. Thus we see the world through our own prism and base our findings as per our perception. Most of us perceive the things in black and white categories where as there are many shades of grey in between. Today morning a thought just struck me and I asked myself, ” What if by a divine dictate every thing in the world turns Good? One night we sleep with the world being as it is and the next morning we wake up to find everything turning into Good” ( an imagination of Sat Yug – Truth Age). The scenario would be very strange and as described.
A. There would be Peace all around, Wars and Conflicts would be eliminated thus there would be no necessity of Peace keeping apparatus like Armies, Police etc. There would be no need of weapons and the factories producing these. All the weapon industries would come to a screeching halt with millions of workers rendered unemployed overnight. Present day powerful nations would loose their status of Peace enforcers and bodies like UN would have to shut shop.
B. All men and women being Good would be free from jealousy, greed, hatred, attachment and thus the competition for materialistic possessions would be eliminated. They would live by simple means and thus all the Capital Goods, Automobile and Fashion industries would become meaningless. All the big brand multinational giants would have to cut down their production and many employee working in these would be rendered unemployed.
C. All persons would be content with simple means of transportation which are eco friendly and non polluting thus eliminating the need for high end automobiles. The auto industry would be severely hit as most of the people would prefer to walk or cycle to their place of work. This would render millions of workers jobless. Since pollution would be minimised there would be good health all around and the Medical industry would be hit hard the next.
D. We have been taught that life of each one of us is dictated by his Karma ( Good and bad deeds and the resultant effect of it on our souls ), all being Good would mean that we would not be subjected to various Reward and Punishment theories at all and thus there would be only one type of behaviour. The reincarnation theory which is based on Karma philosophy where by we take birth at a place and parentage as per our deeds, would have to be revisited as all of us being Good would achieve Mokusha ( Salvation) and there would be no Souls left to be in circulation for physical appearance on this Earth. May be God would have to transfer these good Souls to some other planet infested with bad people.
E. All would be equal and thus no one would work for any one. This would cause a major unemployment problem in third world densely populated countries like India where house maids and servants would have to look for some alternate employment.
F. Since all of us would be Good, the relevance of Goodness would become meaningless. Life is always by comparison as Goodness exists to counter Wickedness. Humanity exists because there is Cruelty. Honesty exists because there is Corruption. Elimination of all these negative facets of life would mean elimination of positives too. All the God-men would be put out of action. In fact if there is equality and tolerance amongst the mankind, all religions would be viewed as one or nothing and various protagonists of these would become meaningless.
G. Above all the entire life proceedings would become utterly boring as there would be only a one type of fixed routine consisting of the same Goodness template in daily conduct of life. Variety is the spice of life and its vicissitudes with associated struggles make life exciting and worth living. Even our creator, God ( may call him the undefinable Abstract ) may perhaps would get bored with the entire proceedings.

To imagine or think further on the subject gives me jitters and I come back to the practical world, let there be Black and White with many shades of Grey; it is beautiful and exciting this way only.


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