Lohri – A Grand Festival.

img_3611Lohri is a grand festival of North India and is primarily celebrated in the land of Punjab though people in Delhi, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh also celebrate it with equal vigor. Marking the end of cold chilly winters, Lohri welcomes the arrival of spring. Lohri is also celebrated in remembrance of Dulla Bhatti who was a Muslim robber during the times of King Akbar who would steal from the rich and distribute money  among the poor. Most Lohri songs are sung in praise of dulla Bhatti as Punjabi’s express their gratitude. Lohri also marks the movement of the sun towards the north (Uttaryan) from South (Dakshinayan) and this time of the year is considered as most auspicious. I would like to reblog a very good comprehensive article for full coverage on Lohri.

As the New Year dawns, India slips into a festive mode: if the South goes ecstatic over Pongal, North India warms up to crackling bonfires at Lohri, whilst Gujarat comes alive with the vibrant and colourful kite festival “Uttarayan.” It is also celebrated as Sukarat in Madhya Pradesh and Bihu in the North-East…   Lohri […]

Source: Lohri – Sputtering Bonfires, Traditional Songs & the essence of Punjabi food

Happy Lohri to you all!


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