Laziness be Damned!

Today When I wake up from sleep at 5.30 AM, I feel extremely lazy and feel like going to sleep again. I look outside from the window and find that there is heavy fog. The weather outside is very cold and inside the bedroom I feel quite comfortable in my quilt. My wife is already awake and gone to the bathroom to have her morning bath. After the bath she is likely to get busy in a prayer session. After our morning ritual of bath and prayers, we go out for morning walk. I am already thinking of not going for morning walk as the weather is very bad and will convince my wife also to  relax.
I suddenly remember, it is 14th of January and it happens to be first day of Indian Month called Makar (Magh) and today is supposed to be Makar Sankranti (Maghi) which is considered to be the most auspicious day of the year as per the Indian religious beliefs and culture.

I go down the memory lane by about 55 years as I see myself a ten years old boy in my native village.  It is 14th Jan and the occasion is Makar Sankranti (Maghi). My mother (God bless her soul) wakes me up as I resist getting out of my bed. She tell me, “Today is a very auspicious day, you must take bath immediately and thereafter we would go to Gurudwara ( a Sikh Temple )”. I resist her request and question her about this rituals . She tells me, “On this auspicious day, we must shun laziness, get up early in the morning, take a bath and say our prayers. God would reward us through out the year, you would do very well in your studies and our crops would be healthy and give us good income.” I agree and go through the ritual. After that my mother has prepared a sweet dish of rice and sugarcane to be served with curd. I eat these delicacies and feel good.
I suddenly realise the importance of the Day and jump out of the bed. I promptly take bath, put on my track suit and say prayers. By now my wife has already finished her prayers. I tell her to accompany me for the morning walk. She looks outside and questions my wisdom to go out in the inclement weather. She appears to be inclined not to go for the morning walk considering the bad weather. I tell her about the significance of the Day and the memories of my childhood. I am determined not to be cowed down by the weather and we both go out for our walk. In my heart, I seek blessings for a good year from my late Mother and God!


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