” Most of us have a very misplaced concept and perception of beauty. Beauty is not physical appearance alone but a package deal. It is a complete persona of a human being . It is a combination of factors such as attitude, thoughts, empathy, moral courage, steadfastness, simplicity yet elegance, grace, knowledge, humility, maturity and a balanced disposition. Physical beauty withers away with time, beauty of the mind and soul stays for ever.

Character is another vital constituent of beauty. When I talk about character it is not only restricted to a person’s sexual conduct and encounters as many perceive, but a wider approach while dealing with various types of physical and mental situations. A person of any profession may exhibit beautiful traits and character including those involved in unusual jobs like menial tasks and sex workers. I have  heard a story of  a lady sex worker who adopted orphaned children, gave them good education, helped them to find good jobs and made them valuable member of the society. Such a person who possesses a noble soul can certainly be termed as beautiful.  We also know many  cases of beautiful ladies of high status families who destroyed and demolished their home with their bad deeds. Thus such persons can be termed as ugly though they might have attractive outward look.

A true beauty is not in the face but of the soul that resides in us. Regardless of the external appearance of a person, he/she is beautiful if;

“Has a compassionate nature,

Always wears a smile and speaks softly,

Takes care not to hurt others.

With a keen desire to help the needy,

Has grace and poise, and above all,

Always thanks Lord for His benedictions.”









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