Pics; Golf Related!

I usually play Golf alone as it is a speed cardiovascular exercise for me. Besides physical exercise Golf offers me solitude, introspection, meditation, entertainment, appreciating nature and indulgence in photography. Today morning I put my iphone to work (being portable), while playing golf and the results are not bad. Sharing some of my happiness with you through the following clicks.

Happy Plants at the Golf Course entrance.


So True! A painting at the club house.


Another Nice One!


Coffee Break at the Seventh (Course viewed from Club House room).


Nature at its best.


Serenity and Solitude.


Hurdles to the Green, Bunker and OB (Eucalyptus trees).


Have a nice week end.




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  1. James Dunn says:

    I have read your great report here and find it very interesting and informative. It gives someone reason to never give up on working on the game. Your pictures remind me that every different course in different locations can be an experience you never forget.

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